The nature of construction is solving problems and managing teams. There are many contractors that can complete a project, but only a few that successfully navigate the teams and problems encountered on a project. Whether it is a design / build project, design assist, or a per plans and specification job, our roles do not change. From every preconstruction meeting to punchlists, we facilitate a constructive dialogue and move the ball forward so the project team can accomplish their collective goals. Although every project is different, the following is generally how we see at our roles at the various stages of the project.



As the general contractor, we understand the importance of finding a balance in pre-construction efforts by assisting in leading the design process from a schedule perspective while still allowing time for the creative process, required for a successful project. Whether it is running a design build project or doing design assist, we see our main pre-construction roles as follows:

Managing the Process / Schedule
Provide Real Time Cost Feedback & Value Engineering through Trend Logs
Perform Constructability Reviews, BIM Coordination and Involve Key Trades Early
Identifying Long Lead Items


Project Staffing
Material Procurement
Scheduling and Field Operations
Efficient Project Administration


Streamlined Communication
Timely Response
Extreme Ownership